Hello, Brennan Repp is the President and lead Personal Trainer here at ReppFit. Brennan is a 36 year-old lifestyle entrepreneur and personal trainer with over 12 years of experience.  Brennan is just a normal guy who grew up in small town in the northwest suburbs of Chicago pursuing his dreams in sunny Florida.

Several years before Brennan launched his career in the fitness industry and helping others increase their overall lifestyle, both physically and mentally, he was an athlete and involved in sports, both football and wrestling. Growing up, Brennan was just a regular kid doing the normal day to day routine of going to school, playing sports and games outside, unsure what his future would hold. At this time, he was beginning his freshman year of high school and playing football. Brennan dreamed of making to the NFL fulfilling his childhood dream of being a NFL wide receiver. Throughout high school, he was always on the B team and always intimidated by guys who were twice his size. Brennan was always lacking the confidence, mainly being overly shy, too skinny, anxiety and several other insecurities. Things changed the day one of his high school football coaches told him to workout and not to eat candy or drink soda. Brennan stopped eating candy and drinking soda cold turkey while starting to train my butt off.  He knew there was something inside of him that had the potential of doing something great, looking back he just had to be patient, consistent, focused and keep moving forward. After suffering several injuries while playing high school football, he was devastated with his childhood dreams fading. He knew there was something inside of me that had the potential of doing something great, he just had to find the the right avenue to bring it out of my reserved shell. As a teenager, Brennan regrouped and started to train even harder doubling down on his workouts. Brennan knew at that point, after falling in love with this sport and having football in his veins, this was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life in some related way. The next step was just “How and what next?”

Working out for Brennan became a passion and a healthy outlet to let everything out that all of us go through in life. Brennan fell in love with the gym. He loved the way he started to look, feel inside and out. Brennan became one of the first to always arrive earliest to the gym opening up in the morning. He learned about what it took to get where he was looking to go in seeing results; both from learning the hard way in his mistakes, studying, observing others expertise and knowledge. From there, Brennan became focused, determined, consistent, started to see big changes and even started to get several compliments.

After helping several of his friends out with workout programs, giving some advice and then them seeing results… a light bulb when off and he found his passion in helping others reach their own personal fitness goals in fitness training. Brennan always had a passion to find a way to help someone and provide a service. Fitness Training allowed him to use his passion help someone, build a career and become a better, more improved version of himself. Things were looking up.

Brennan got a job at warehouse in a small Illinois town while he started to gain a few clients here and there through word of mouth advertising and referrals. He allowed things to build up for a solid foundation, which then allowed him to open a personal training business and be a full time trainer. Brennan started to really excel gaining several contracts to train members at gyms and businesses in the Chicagoland area. Life was good and he was honored to be helping so many people towards their goals through many different fitness classes, personal training sessions and nutrition programs. Business did very well and thrived for several years, however part of him saw himself being able to walk along the beach every day and take in soothing waves along with the sand in his feet.

Brennan threw away his ice scraper, tossed some dumbbells and a beach towel into a suitcase and moved to sunny Florida. Brennan started ReppFit down here in Naples, Florida and it has been the one of the best decisions of his life. Whether in Chicago or Naples, Brennan has trained or currently trains clients that are younger, older, beginner, advanced, dealing with prior injuries, special needs, athletes… and in doing so, he thanks them for allowing him to live out his dreams, while assisting them to achieve what they want out of their own fitness journey. Brennan loves to motivate people and push them beyond what they believe they’re capable of doing, both physically and mentally. Teaching someone proper form, preventing injuries, teaching a nutritional education is all part what goes into his approach.

Over the course the past 12+ years, Brennan has been able to develop himself mentally, physically and continues to focus on getting better at his craft to help more and more people. It’s not just lifting weights or jumping on a treadmill, there’s a lot more to it. Throughout the process, Brennan assists in you learning more about yourself; things you never knew were possible. In going through this journey while honing your character, learning what consistency and determination are all about; you find yourself. Through all the countless hours of hard work, sweat and tears, becoming a better version of yourself… you can get to that point of looking back into the mirror and say, “I did it” and no one can take that away from you.

Certifications throughout Brennan’s career

  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness Training
  • P90X
  • Yoga
  • Zumba

In going through the journey together, taking everything you have learned, virtually all of it can be applied to everyday life in some form. You have another area in life to build self-confidence, overcome adversity, break through barriers in life, conquer your fears. Using what you have learned in the gym through your fitness journey in applying it to life, staying positive, paying it forward, spreading kindness, sharing love and joy, doing what makes you happy….then, then you can look life straight in the eyes… and say, “I’m doing it, I got this and what’s next!”

Brennan looks forward to making YOU his next success story and YOU your own success story!