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We’ve identified these as the key services our clients require to achieve their goals and go above and beyond what they felt they could achieve on their own.

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sports training.

Bigger, stronger, faster, more flexible, better coordination = The Ultimate Athlete We offer many different styles of training to get...
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outdoor activities.

Get outside and be active! There is no replacement for something outdoors. At ReppFit we don’t shy away from fresh...
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fitness classes.

Get Fit. In Groups. Have Fun. Burn Calories. See Results. Step to it. Push it. One more rep. Whether you...
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personal training.

The prime staple to what we do. Here at ReppFit, with our expertise, experience and the range of services we...
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Enhance your life and  energy, all while enjoying your life! Here at ReppFit we’re interested in one main measurable gain....
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Nutrition: where you make or break your hard work results from the gym At ReppFit we know nutrition is important,...
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  • "Outstanding Trainer, Brennan listened to my past injuries, and prepared a proper training plan to still obtain my goals, while reducing the possibility of further injuring myself. Awesome guy!" John T.
  • "It's the best experience with a trainer I have EVER had. Kind, firm and make working out fun! Totally motivating!" Khris J.
  • "Very friendly and extremely professional. He understood my goals, limitations and created a workout that I actually enjoyed." Jamie G.