Get Fit. In Groups. Have Fun. Burn Calories. See Results.

Step to it. Push it. One more rep. Whether you are a beginner or been advanced for years, we can give you modifications or push you more than you would push yourself. Commitment. Consistency and determination are needed for this, however the benefits are worth it.

Working out as part of a group will give you that support you need to push yourself as hard as you can; so you feel a real sense of extra achievement and accountability at the end of each workout.


Training Points

  • Boot Camp
  • Yoga
  • Beach Workouts
  • Park Workouts

Boot Camp
These classes are designed to build lean muscle, cardiovascular endurance; increasing your fitness through a variety of intense group intervals. The goal of this class is to provide a whole body workout that builds lean muscle and endurance.

Our Yoga classes are meant to be a challenging yet peaceful full body workout. During the classes, we focus on breathing control, simple meditation, specific bodily postures which leads to better health and relaxation.

Beach Workouts
Sun, water, sand, fresh air and a challenging workout are just what you need. Enjoy the change of scenery, take in the beautiful view and give your body a great workout; full of a variety of exercises.

Park Workouts
Variety at its best. A workout full of fun yet challenging exercises that really allow you to push yourself. A few simple park can give you an effective total body workout. Grab your sneakers, water bottle and lets get in a workout!

“Very friendly and extremely professional. He understood my goals, limitations and created a workout that I actually enjoyed.” – Jamie