Bigger, stronger, faster, more flexible, better coordination = The Ultimate Athlete

We offer many different styles of training to get you peak physical shape for any sport or hobby you’re preparing for or working on. We are here to help you become a more overall elite athlete; working on your speed, strength, agility, acceleration, reaction time, flexibility, vertical leap and all the other components to creating you into the most ultimate elite athlete.

Outdoor workouts, indoor workouts with strength and conditioning paired with agility work make our Sports Training program the ideal training for any committed athlete. Make this upcoming or current season a dominating one for you!

Training Points

  • The training you want to go to the top!
  • 40 yard dash, vertical leap, bench press
  • Broad jump, cone drills, shuttle run
  • Parachutes, ladder drills, push sled
  • Hurdles, pull sled, dynamax balls
  • Kettle bells, slam balls and much more!

“No other trainer has the qualifications and experience, matched with Brennan’s unparalleled interest, concern, and level of caring for his client. Brennan is truly one of a kind. Moreover, producing results!” – Al